Finally VAL SINESTRA’s debut EP is now available as limited colored onesided 12" EP (incl. MP3) and as Digital Download. Besides you can stream the complete 6 track EP right here for the next two weeks.

Their music can be compared with THE BRONX’s fierce energy, the rock’n’roll of VALIEN THORR, spiced up with a little bit of BLACK FLAG’s anger. Paired with German lyrics, VAL SINESTRA’s sound escalates in an energetic and diverse hardcore rock’n’roll show.

It’s a show for everyone who simply wants to freak out and explode. And even if people just shake their heads in disagreement or flip them off, VAL SINESTRA doesn’t give a fuck and shouts out what is hidden in the very last corner of your mind.

Nothing dramatic, no distractions - VAL SINESTRA’s music is blasting straight from the stage to the audience’s head and feet!

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